Tanning Units

Open 7 days
7:30 am to 9:00 pm
147 State Street
Rutland, VT


Silver System Bed

This unit features 33 VHO lamps, 3 facial lamps, 5% UVB burning ray, 95% UVA browning ray.

Silver System Booth

This unit features: 40 VHO lamps, 4.2% UVB burning rays, and has approximately 96% UVA browning rays.

< Gold System Bed

This unit features 42 VHR reflector lamps and 8 facial lamps for more UVA browning and less UVB burning than our regular beds.

Platinum System Plus Bed

This unit features 4 adjustable quartz facial lamps for fierce facial tanning and 50 VHR reflector lamps for advanced UVA tanning power for the ultimate tan. It delivers a perfect, full-body tan in less time.

Gold System Booth

This unit features 50 VHR reflector lamps, 2.5% UVB burning ray, and four times the amount of UVA light, for more browning. It’s easier on your skin than a VHO lamp.

Platinum System High Pressure Bed

This unit features 12 2000-watt high pressure lamps with less than 1% UVB burning ray, and uses mostly UVA light, giving you the best tan possible, which is easier and more gentle on your skin. It also offers a 24mph cooling system.

Platinum System High Pressure Booth

This unit features 6 1000-watt facials and 22 620-watt lamps. This high pressure booth is the fastest: a base tan can be established in as few as 1 to 3 visits, compared to 10 or more visits in a low pressure unit.