Open 7 days
7:30 am to 9 pm
147 State Street
Rutland, VT


Washbucklers has been Rutland’s largest premiere laundromat since it was established in 1987. We have installed solar panels on site, in an effort to switch to green power and help the environment. We have always offered the lowest rates in town, however with the new solar panels we can pass even more savings on to you.

Our Machines accept most major credit cards, a Loyalty card and coin.

Our Loyalty card is purchused at the store. It can be recharged at the store or on line. Stop in for details on how you can save by using our loyalty card.


We have a total of 35 washers, 5 different sizes to choose from.

All Machines take most Major credit cards or coin.

Loyalty cards availble, discounts on loyaly cards available.

Single loaders (10 LB. max) is $4.50

Double loaders (18 LB max) is $5.00

Triple Loaders (28 LB max) is $7.00

50 Pound Washers (50 Lb max) is $8.25

77 Pound Washer ( 77 LB max) Starts at $13.00

We are not responsible for items left unattended.


We have a total of 30 Dryers.

28 Thirty pound dryers, 5 minutes per quarter.

2 seventy-five pound dryers , $3.00 to start which gives you 30 minutes, 3 minutes per quarter after that.

These dryers are great for larger items.

For best results, Fill dryers 1/3 full.


Our Drop Off Service is $1.60 per pound for Wash, Dry & Fold. (10 LB.min) for Clothing , Sheets and Towels.

$1.30  per pound for Dry & Fold (10 LB. min) for Clothing , Sheets and Towels.

All other items are $2.75 per pound (5 LB. min) for wash , Dry and Fold.

$2.00 per pound for Dry & Fold ( 10 LB. min)

$.90 per pound for Folding only (10 LB min)

Let us know of any special attention items at the time of drop off

We are not responsible for items left in pockets

We are not responsible for any items left on the premises for more than 30 days.

Any items left after 30 days will be given away.

Hotel / Motel Bulk Discounts

Camp Laundry Service Including Pickup / Delivery

Fire / Smoke Damaged Clothing Treatment